This Episode of Terrace House Had More Tears (and Butts) Than Usual

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The episode, titled “Captain Tsubasa,” picks up almost right where the previous episode left off. After making some sort of chicken dish, Ami and Yuudai served it to Shion and Mizuki, who unsurprisingly didn’t love it. Feeling the residual pain of striking out on 2/2 meals Yuudai gets supremely emotional when asked, yet again, about his goals. Shion, unlike past housemates, is asking in a genuine-seeming way and taking on the burden of creating conversation in this house of weirdos, mean girls, and introverts.

Ami, who is still in college, is trying to find a balance between finding a job she doesn’t want and pursuing modeling full-time. She says that her desire to model is stronger than her desire to find a job, so she feels as if she’s wasting her life, in a way. Mizuki, on the other hand, is moving forward with her lingerie line and is confident that she’ll complete her goal. Once Tsubasa joins the kitchen group, she is force fed a meal of the chicken and rice dregs, and confides in the group, possibly in an attempt to delay the inevitable first bite of the slop she was given for dinner. As a hockey player of a certain age, which is only 24, Tsubasa is feeling the pressures of joining a national team. The team she’s playing with now has a big match in February, so she’s focused on that, and if she doesn’t land a spot on a national team, she’ll have to do some retooling of her dreams.

For reasons that will never be clear to me in the Terrace House genre, Shion asks Ami to chat with him privately in the playroom. Before you ask, I have laced up my heaviest boots in preparation of kicking in my TV screen if Shion asks Ami out on a date. But! Thankfully I can unlace them since he just wants to ask her more about her budding modeling career.

Shion, the household model, didn’t know Ami was passionate about the art of posing and asks what type of modeling she’d like the do. Ami wants to “walk,” or be a runway model, and Shion is happy to help. He starts by suggesting that they practice their walks together. Ami accepts Shion’s offer, and Shion is happy to learn that there’s more to Ami aside from being a “cute college student.”

Shion also questions Ami about Yuudai asking her out on a date earlier in the day. Ami, who thinks Yudai behaves like a middle schooler, tells Shion that she’s unsettled around their housemate and didn’t really think he asked her on a date. Plus, Ami doesn’t feel like leaving the house, which, like, give me a break, Ami. Get a personality, PLEASE.

In the kitchen, Yuudai, still emotional, thinks out loud about his past mistakes while talking to Mizuki and Tsubasa. Even though he’s only 19, Yuudai was doing well living on his own in Tokyo recently, but is currently struggling with the guilt of using his father’s credit card without permission. The boy ran out of money, and stealing from his dad seemed to be his only option. Shion then confesses to the bored and slightly confused Mizuki and Tsubasa that being a chef is his fake goal and being independent is his real one. Trying to help, Mizuki tells Yuudai that he should experiment with creating a schedule.

What that would look like, I’m not sure — maybe committing to listening to Kelly Clarkson and Destiny’s Child all day? But Yuudai takes it under consideration.

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