Let Me Lead You Through the Darkness of Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s Relationship

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To no one’s surprise, nothing is released without the knowledge of the Kardashians. Considering Khloé knew her pregnancy was going to be leaked by TMZ, there’s not a chance in TTD’s hometown of HELL that no one in Calabasas didn’t know this news was coming. So why now?

Again, October and the Daily Mail, which has no form of Kardashian contact to prevent them from releasing stories, have our answers. Had TMZ gotten this scoop, we may not have heard about it until after the baby was born. As it is, the information landed in reckless hands. And since it’s such a large story that obviously wouldn’t have flown under the radar, TMZ would have looked like fools not to hop on the TTD Train and release what they did have.

So, in September and October, as Khloé and TMZ’s teams were hashing out whether or not she’d corroborate their pregnancy announcement, Khloé’s concession most likely earned some good faith with the professional team of snitches. Which meant that when TMZ probably obtained footage of TTD making out with a galley of women about two weeks later, Khloé and Krew were able to bury the story, possibly in favor of getting exclusives about the family, like their with E!, or any number of news items that still could be unreleased. (I suppose the silence could also have been out of consideration for the physical and emotional health of a pregnant woman?) It’s also been reported that Khloé’s extended family didn’t know about TTD’s infidelities, which I personally don’t buy. If anything, I’d guess they didn’t know the extent to which he’d stepped out, but I’m sure there were some whispers. It’s not like these people toss someone out after their first offense.

Another theory is that Khloé has had the baby, and this TTD takedown is all a smokescreen to protect her privacy as she delivers (a brief maternity leave, if you will). This is something I don’t buy. If Khloé wanted to give birth in peace and planned to expose TTD’s infidelity, she would not have decided to give birth in Cleveland, choosing Ohio as her baby’s first home. Were this the case, Khloé would have had her baby in L.A., and let this news wash over the media in the comfort of her own home. It’s more likely that this was a bombshell and totally unexpected.

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