Kim and Kanye Fight Over a Band-Aid

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Out to lunch with Calabasas’s very own Malicious, Backstabbing, Lying Kim Kardashian, Khloé now gets the chance to listen to Kim complain about her husband, Kanye West. Before getting to the tea, Kim shows Khloé a very cute video of Saint talking to baby Chi, who’s lying up in bed like a true QUEEN.

Now, to the fight. Already annoyed that Kanye blew up over her Instagram feed (he wanted her to “fuck her fragrance” and post six consecutive images of herself lounging in a hotel room with braids), Kim is mad at Kanye yet again. Kim describes a fight from the night before, when she was busy working on her computer and Kanye asked if she could stop and hang out with him. She said she could not, as she was on a deadline. But shortly after, when Saint asked Kim if she would give him a bath, Kim immediately obliged. This apparently led to Kanye becoming upset that she could free herself up for her child but not her husband.

Next, Kanye got upset with Kimberly over a Band-Aid. Probably because he needed one for a small, stupidity-related injury, Kanye asked Kim to procure a Band-Aid. Kim told Kanye that he knew where to look for them — and while he eventually found one, he didn’t like its color. Which, fair: Band-Aids are among a long list of products marketed as “flesh-colored,” which only applies if you’re white.

Kim told Kanye that he could use one of North’s Jesus Band-Aids, but Kanye refused. Apparently, he screamed that he “slaves” around the world to bring Kim beautiful Yeezy fashions (LMAO, SURE, JAN) and she’d have him walking around with a Jesus Band-Aid? He then told Kim that she’d probably have gotten Saint a Band-Aid if he asked. Kim then asked him if he was in a fight with her or a fight with Saint. Showing remarkable clarity for someone who is remaining consciously coupled to Kanye West, Kim says that his anger over a Band-Aid and her love for her children is where she draws the line.

Khloé, while understanding her sister’s frustration, feels that Kim should baby Kanye a bit more. She thinks that men feel a little left out once a baby arrives, and Kim needs to remember to give Kanye some affection and make him a priority. Kim agrees that she’s “fully neglected” Kanye, especially since Chi’s birth, and she decides to make an effort to change that. This scene was filmed on.

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