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 photo of Devil  on NZ Girls

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Sexy classy brunette Escort!

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Manukau, Auckland
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NZ – European
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Have I got a treat for you! Pampered and pleasured, my PACKAGE is guaranteed to please. Now, now… don t stress about the day s activities, just sit back and indulge in the feeling of my tantalising hands and smooth oily fingers sliding over your body on the bed. Ultimate adventure and ENDLESS orgasms will get your heart-rate pumping and your senses sizzling with my blood-tingling, ticklish, electric device
Float away in absolute bliss when you finally reach breaking point by either ejaculation or full body orgasm. What is a full body orgasm you ask? It is something that most men never get to experience without that specialized touch of a trained professional. It s out of this world and different for everyone!
Let me take you on a journey of pure unadulterated ecstasy. After the first explosion, a rejuvenating rub is required – firing you up for round number two! Lay back and enjoy a deep tissue massage with long, strong, firm strokes or a Swedish massage which is silky soft, super slow motion and seriously oily, every touch is just the right firmness, releasing all that pent-up tension… Leave my residence totally relaxed and revived, energized although your body is spent and feeling delightfully refreshed. Heavenly is but a small word to describe the experiences you will achieve with my body sliding service. Come prepared to enjoy it as you do not have to focus on trying but naturally allowing the feelings that arouse you to arise bringing you to new invigorating heights.
Sex is off the menu with me but I do love passionate kissing and soft body touching from you, whilst slipping all over your manhood and torso… wonderful! Titty, bum, pussy, reverse slides, mutual mirror masturbation and oral, toys for men, strapon, mutual oral, rimming, ball sucking, shaft play, passionate snogging is a must if you like that. Yummy! Squirting, shaft torture, nipple nibbling are all available with the Devil service. X
Mistress Victoria Duvel s Bondage and Domination session: Let a strong, powerful woman take control and take matters into her own hands. Gentlemen, forget about regular sex and hard-work shagging sessions. What have you got to lose except an unbelievable time? This is a service of extreme proportions with insertion stimulation, intense, delicate, prostate massage locating the erogenous zone, milking you from the inside for an earth-shattering orgasm. Internal or external anal play options are available, ropes, flogger, crop, cane, over-the-knee spanking is light sexy fun or extreme play: the CHOICE is yours. No pain if you request this, just pleasure, if that is your preference. You will be addicted and coming back for more. Restrained and unable to move whilst my hot exploring hands tease, deny and delightfully torture your body, edging you the whole time. Excited and aroused is an understatement with this sexy Mistress BDSM service. All you need to do is look in the mirror and see how being restrained makes you feel!
EXTRAS: All services ticked are inclusive in the booking. Mistress Duvel sessions are an extra $50.
Double-Ended Dildo Sex (DEDS). That means a continuous toy up your bottom the other end up mine or one of the ladies whilst grinding into each other. For men with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), this is an excellent choice to flush out the internal body and have a delicious, huge orgasm. Add $50 to the prices listed for DEDS. Mmmmm.
Another extra I have added is MYSTERY pussy sex (availability pending) as one of the lovely ladies in the house can join us outback in the sleep-out for the grand finale. Add $100.
Curious? These two sessions are all about YOU and are an orgasm in themselves. This is not about full sexual services you get offered by others. This is a mind-blowing experience that I want to share with you. Super seriously intimate and personal. Come and see me and find out WHY! I am a very active woman in the room as you will see. During our time together you will experience extreme sexual stirring, increased with every stroke and touch.
Reach levels not even thought of by you before. Let my hands work their magic. And magic is what you may think it is. But magic you will want to have time and time again. X
Darling men, a quick note about how I run my business. Days and hours will vary and I am closed once my quota has been met for that day.
Sorry hun, no pre-bookings, as I am Part-time and will only reply to you if my phone is turned on.
Do book only on the day when the need is most urgent and hopefully I will be available. X. Note: Devil is Mistress Duvel, we are the same person.

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