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Location:North Shore, Auckland
Body Type:Curvy
Place of Service:In Call / Out Call

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Please read below and introduce yourself properly in your initial text message. Let me know what inspired you to book a session, what you re hoping to receive from our time together, as well as what length/time/day you are interested in.
I do not respond to phone calls or messages such as hey you available?
Hi there 🙂
I m Avani, and am offering a very special and unique mix of Tantric Massage and Devotional Erotic Bodywork sessions, drawing upon and blending these things together for an experience that is truly tailored just for you – however you arrive, with the intention to love, relax, deeply replenish and nourish you to the core.
My sessions are not a cut and paste technique kind of thing, but a moment by moment embodied dance/conversation between my hands, body, heart, and your own.
Each breath and moment informing us of the next, and the next, and the next.
A space for you to truly receive, possibly for the first time in your life in such a way.
Tantra massage is amazing for so many things but especially for
– relaxation
– healing
– developing ejaculation control
– building capacity to feel pleasure
– dropping out of the mind and down in to your body
– dissolving stress and tension,
– re patterning conditioning from porn and unhelpful masturbation habits
– healing fear of intimacy
– building confidence
– getting in touch with and expressing emotions
– spiritual nourishment..
– etc
Words I have heard to describe my touch and sessions are intentional, loving, healing, safe, delicious and life altering.. I approach every part of the body from a place of deep reverence, love and acceptance.
– – – please scroll down to read testimonials 🙂 – – –
Its so heart-breaking to me how often people have never been touched like this before.
This work is dear to my heart and its an honour to share it with those who value in in the same way.
I also offer social dates for those who are wanting some genuine company and companionship, to share a meal, life stories, adventures or to just rest and be with 🙂
– – – – First impressions count 🙂 – – – –
– -Please note that I do not offer sex and although deeply intimate, it is not a sexual service or a massage with ejaculation as the goal.
I do not offer kissing, sex, oral etc, please do not ask. – –
It s been a little over 48 hours since my recent session with Avani ended and I am still floating in a blissful state of relaxation and contentment. Such is the radiant effect of her loving, giving, beautiful, kind and generous nature; which she resonates and passionately pours into her massage.
Her natural beauty, enlightened smile and charm are a beguiling combination which disarmed my self consciousness along with any stress, worries and anxiety I was carrying prior to our meeting.
As a sublime beacon of loving life force energy, she is in my eyes a divinely beautiful person. Avani is non judgmental, truly gifted; she effortlessly enticed me, held me, guided me, entwined our hearts and breath, tantalised and stimulated my senses and body beyond the conscious into a heightened symphony of joy that is still singing in my soul.
I would encourage anyone seeking a genuine beautiful connection that transcends the purely physical to experience time with this incredible young woman. I hope our paths will cross again. Mx
– – – –
From the very first moment, Avani s profile captivated me.. and somewhat inexplicably drew me in to learn more about her. Besides her stunning photos (that simply don t do justice to how truly gorgeous she is in real life) she captured so eloquently what I was seeking.. someone who is so in-tune with their energy that it spills over to whoever is privileged enough to be in her company.
The moment I met Avani, I was immediately disarmed and delighted by her fun, bubbly personality and genuine warmth. I say disarmed as I don t think I ve met someone who was so truly comfortable in their own skin and in-tune with their spiritual and sexual energy that it cascaded over me the very second we met.
Avani created a space of tranquility, safety and trust that brimmed with energy that I could almost reach out and touch. To say Avani is an enchantress is not an overstatement – as I became lost in and intoxicated by her jade, cat like eyes she somehow made the world stop and while I never wanted it to end, she made every second we spent together slow down. She allowed me leave one dimension and enter another so that when I eventually returned I gently slipped back to this realm in a blissfully transcendental state .
Avani s deep well of generosity is a gift that is to be treasured for the ages and my next encounter with her can t happen soon enough.
Thank you Avani for allowing me into your world.
– E
– – – –
You made a very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for me. You took the time to know who I am and my past, and its very interesting how receptive you are and how you use it with your skills. Since your massage I can feel more pleasure with my body during relation (massage, sex or self touching). I never did an experience like that before and I ve absolutely no regrets !!! The feeling I got during the massage was just unbelievable ! Feeling like electricity running on my body with cold/warm contrast, you diffuse an aura and sensitive people like can feel it 100x times. Definitely i will booking an other massage with you soon.
Thank you again, it was an amazing moment with you, i never met a person like you before

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