3 Juicy High-School and College Reunion Stories

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My reunion happened pretty recently. I’m a single, straight woman who attended an all-girls college with a huge population of lesbians. In college, I had a boyfriend at a neighboring school, so I was with him all the time. I hung out at his school much more than mine … so I never really got exposed to the lesbian culture at my school. I never even lived on campus because I rented a small apartment with my boyfriend right away. Now that I’m a single woman in Brooklyn, struggling to find a decent guy, I’ve thought about dating women. Opening up my options. What better way to test the waters than my college reunion with all the smart, sexy, amazing lesbians I graduated with?

Because of my work, though, the only reunion event I could make it to was this lantern-lit cocktail party under a big tent. I heard that was the one everyone was going to anyway. I drove in just in time, and unloaded all my stuff at a family member’s house right near there. I showered and shaved and felt giddy thinking about flirting with all the girls. I was nervous but it was good nervous energy. When I got to the tent, I suddenly felt very scared. Not only was I walking in all by myself, but I didn’t have any close friends meeting me there. It felt like the first day of college all over again. I went straight to the bar. Soon enough I saw people I knew and it became a little easier to socialize. Most people were paired off and there were a lot more straight married couples than I thought there’d be. The women who were blatantly queer didn’t seem too attractive to me (and based on no one hitting on me, I wasn’t too attractive to them).

I nursed one glass of wine and decided to leave early. It wasn’t the lesbian fuck-fest I’d fantasized about. It was just bored and boring adults making small talk. I went back to my cousin’s place and felt really lonely. Then I switched all my online dating apps to “bisexual.” This week I have a date with a woman — my first ever — lined up and I’m really excited. Maybe the reunion will lead to something special after all.

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