10 New Moms on the Truth About Sex After Pregnancy

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I was very horny while pregnant — but not for my partner or any other physical being. I would masturbate several times a day. It was just for private one-on-one pleasure. I liked touching my body and I liked having these powerful orgasms because I felt the hormones were good for the baby inside. Feel-good hormones.

Anyway, my horniness while pregnant excited me because I thought I’d have the baby and continue to be horny. I wasn’t such a horny person before any of this, and it’s always been a problem in my relationship — he’s just hornier than me. Then I had my son. It was a C-section but pretty standard. The recovery and then exhaustion kicked in and sex was/is the last thing I want or think about. It’s been six months now. I’ve had sex with my partner maybe three times, and I sense it’s an issue for him, but honestly I don’t give a shit. In general I believe in communication but I don’t want to hear it right now.

I’m running on fumes, and it honestly feels nothing short of mean for him to want any more from me than I’m already giving to our life. I hope it changes because I don’t want to be in a sexless relationship, I know that leads to nothing good, but I’m not worrying about it right now. I can honestly say: I don’t want to think about my sex life. I don’t care how that sounds or who it offends.

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